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The Cowboy Process

we're proud to say we'll be there with you at every step of the way.

Get In Touch

No matter what your painting or staining needs, give us a call. We have a great process in place to ensure every project is completed efficiently and allows us to stay in constant communication with every customer — so we're with you at every step of the way. 

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Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Get A Quote

Once we've talked about your project, we'll send you a project quote within 1-2 business days. This will include the cost of labor and any materials needed for your project. Our pricing is 100% transparent and upfront — no hidden costs or fees! 

Get On Our Schedule

If you're happy with the quote, just sign our contract and put down the 20% deposit to get added to the Cowboy schedule. We'll stay in communication as your project start-date gets closer!

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Suburban House

Site Visit 

Plan a site visit with one of our representatives so we can get measurements and all the details we need for your project. 

Your Project Starts Here

When we start your project, we'll be sure to take care of all the pre-preparation so you get the best possible finished product.

Pre-preparation includes:

  • Washing all dirty, mildewed or moldy areas

  • Scraping and sanding any loose or peeling paint 

  • Caulking all gaps, holes and cracks 

  • Picking the perfect colors for your project

Once that's taken care of with exceptional attention to detail and care, your home is ready to be coated and our team will handle getting all the products and materials.

Backyard Washing

Painting and Cleaning

Not only will we give you the best paint job possible, we'll also make sure to clean up after. We leave every customer's home better than we found it. Our teams use the latest techniques and equipment to provide stellar results — and we'll never leave your home unless you're 100% satisfied.

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